Thursday, July 20, 2017

is dhume plagiarizing what i said about the presidential election?

sure looks like it :-)

to be honest, i don't believe he did plagiarize, but it is definitely a coincidence. i think politicians must be explicitly disbarred from contesting for the post.

here's dhume in the wsj after the election.

here's me in rediff before the election.

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Quick notes: Bad loans, Solar-powered coaches...

  • Bad-loans crisis: Even the best-case scenario for Indian banks is pretty awful. To recover over Rs4 lakh crore from the top 50 companies that haven’t been able to repay their debts, banks may have to take a haircut of as much as 60%, resulting in a loss of about Rs2.4 lakh crore.

  • Solar-powered coaches: A train with six solar-powered coaches could save around 21,000 litres of diesel every year, worth around Rs12 lakh.

  • Coming soon to India: Electric buses that can swap batteries at petrol pump-like facilities. Swappable batteries could be the potential game changer in India.

  • East Coast Greenway: The biggest infrastructure project in the US is a 3,000-mile bike path

  • Goa is phoren: No beef shortage in Goa, assures Manohar Parrikar.

  • Religious contributions: Christian, Muslim households top in donations for charity

  • Francois Gautier: Ten Things a Hindu Can Do While Using English Language
    1. Please stop using the word "God fearing" - Hindus never ever fear God. For us, God is everywhere and we are also integral part of God. God is not a separate entity to fear.

    2. Please do not use the meaningless term "RIP" when someone dies. Use "Om Shanti", "Sadgati" or "I wish this atma attains moksha". Hinduism neither has the concept of "soul" nor its "resting". The terms "Atma" and "Jeeva" are, in a way, antonyms for the word "soul".

    3. Please don't use the word "Mythology" for our historic epics (Itihas) Ramayana and Mahabharata. Rama and Krishna are historical heroes, not just mythical characters.

    3. Please don't be apologetic about idol worship and say “Oh, that's just symbolic". All religions have idolatry in kinds or forms - cross, words, letters (calligraphy) or direction. Also let's stop using the words the words 'idols', 'statues' or 'images' when we refer to the sculptures of our Gods. Use the terms 'Moorthi' or 'Vigraha'. If words like Karma, Yoga, Guru and Mantra can be in the mainstream, why not Moorthi or Vigraha?

    4. Please don't refer to Ganesh and Hanuman as "Elephant god" and "Monkey god" respectively. You can simply write Shree Ganesh and Shree Hanuman.

    5. Please don't refer to our temples as prayer halls. Temples are "devalaya" (abode of god) and not "prathanalaya" (Prayer halls).

    6. Please don't wish your children "black birthday" by letting them to blow off the candles that kept at the top of the birth day cake. Don't throw spit on the divine fire (Agni Deva). Instead, ask them to pray: "Oh divine fire, lead me from darkness to light" (Thamasoma Jyotirgamaya) by lighting a lamp. These are all strong images that go to deep psyche.

    7. Please avoid using the words "spirituality" and "materialistic". For a Hindu, everything is divine. The words spirituality and materialism came to India through evangelists and Europeans who had a concept of Church vs State. Or Science vs Religion. On the contrary, in India, Sages were scientists and the foundation stone of Sanatan Dharma was Science.

    9. Please don't use the word "Sin" instead of "Paapa". We only have Dharma (duty, righteousness, responsibility and privilege) and Adharma (when dharma is not followed). Dharma has nothing to do with social or religious morality. 'Papa' derives from Adharma.

    10. Please don't use loose translation like meditation for "dhyana" and 'breathing exercise' for "Pranayama". It conveys wrong meanings. Use the original words. Remember, the world respects only those who respect themselves! Please circulate so that people can understand about their Hindu Dharma....
  • #8 is missing?

Seaweed in Cow Diet Can Reduce Methane Emissions

Scientists in Ireland have found that introducing a small amount of seaweed into the normal grass diet of cows can reduce their methane emissions by up to 99%:

India's Banking Sector Draws Global Capital

In spite of Arun Shourie's whining about the need for TARP, the fact is that India's banks aren't paralyzed, and are drawing global capital to do their lending:

The drop in industrial output means that another rate-cut is likely in the future. With GST, more international investment will keep coming.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

NYTimes: ‘Ants Among Elephants,’ a Memoir About the Persistence of Caste

'Ants Among Elephants,' a Memoir About the Persistence of Caste

Sounds like whining from a converted SC, from a privileged, educated family. So she went from research associate at iitm to only being a Subway conductor in NYC, a semi skilled job? Perhaps she's facing severe discrimination in the US also based on race and color? 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

India Drills into Quake Zone

Indian geologists are drilling into a seismic fault line in Maharashtra to gain insights into Indian earthquakes:

China Steps Up War Rhetoric, Says Its Patience Won't Last

China is communicating loudly to India and to other members of P5 powers that its patience with India won't last forever, and that it will forcibly expel Indian troops from Doklam if India doesn't withdraw unilaterally:

Because Doklam is extremely close to India's vulnerable "Chicken Neck", the Siliguri corridor, this matter is vital to India's security. Likewise, because of its sensitivity, India has tens of thousands of troops near there, as compared to China's thousands. But because of that local asymmetry, China would likely resort to incursions on other parts of the border with India in order to make the whole border an active front.

PS: If they're going to attack, they'd better do it before the onset of winter forces a retreat.

Monday, July 17, 2017

ISRO Prepares for 2nd Test of RLV-TD

ISRO is preparing for the 2nd test of the RLV-TD reusable test demonstrator, which will take place in about a year's time - this time it will be a landing test:

ISRO sources said it may take another year for the model to be ready. They said the present plan is to launch the RLV-TD from Sriharikota and land it on an undisclosed Air Force airfield in the eastern sector. This is yet to be finalised though, they said.

The vehicle will be launched out of Sriharikota, like the last time, but this time it will have landing gear to allow it to glide back for a touchdown on a runway. The landing will most likely be done at an airfield in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. The planned future TSTO (Two-Stage-to-Orbit) reusable launch vehicle which will be developed from the RLV-TD test program is intended to fly the same kind of flight path.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Fwd: Turkey arrests Amnesty International’s local director

india should probably arrest the local amnesty guy aakar patel for anti national activities.

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Daily Dispatch | Friday | July 14th 2017
Turkey and the West: Travesty international
In 1998 Recep Tayyip Erdogan, then Istanbul's mayor, was jailed for reading out a poem. Amnesty International wrote to the government and demanded his release. Last week the Turkish government, with Mr Erdogan as president, arrested the human-rights group's local director. Tomorrow he will spend the first anniversary of Turkey's failed coup in jail. The West's silence over the repression in Turkey is becoming ever harder to maintain
Trumpcare: Version three
Is the Senate's revised health-care proposal a good bill? And will it pass? (Ideally these two questions would be related. But they are not.) It would probably leave more Americans without usable health care and it does not do much to reduce the cost or increase the quality of care. It is not a good proposal. Yet there is a 50:50 chance that the bill, or something like it, will become law, writes our United States editor
EU bureaucrats: Expect the unelected
Eurosceptics are fond of referring to European Union officials as "unelected bureaucrats". But every government has bureaucrats, who are by nature unelected. If anyone proposed a direct EU-wide election for the president of the European Commission, Eurosceptics would surely reject it. Critics do have a valid case against the EU: not that its bureaucrats are unelected, but that they are too insulated from democracy, writes our Europe editor
Brexit and airlines: Prepare for a hard landing
Today EasyJet, Europe's second-biggest budget airline, revealed it will set up a subsidiary in Austria. Other airlines with British ownership are checking their options. They fret that a hard Brexit might strip British carriers of their right to fly routes within the EU. The most pessimistic in the industry say there is a real prospect that flights between Britain and the continent could be halted altogether in 2019, writes our business-travel editor
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India Stands to Benefit from Yoga's Popularity

India stands to benefit from the popularity of yoga:

This is why it's silly to worry about "taking back" yoga, "cultural appropriation", etc - let people be free to enjoy something they like, because it's all about freedom of choice.

why is ex-DGP senkumar being hounded by kerala's commies?

jati prejudice leaps to mind as one major reason.

i am reminded of the dreyfus affair too. see

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

chinese 'science' meets western 'science'. result? mayhem

pretty capitalistic, eh? they give millions if  you publish in top journals. iims give a few lakhs, but that also motivates. heck, when i was in silicon valley, the press relations woman told me she'd give me $1000 for any published article, and so i was writing articles like mad.

how to deal with robots stealing jobs

Indian, Chinese Troops Face Off At Border

Indian and Chinese troops are engaged in confrontations at Dokla, near Sikkim:

Brahma Chellaney says that China's picked a bad place to challenge us, and will have to back down - it's a matter of giving them a face-saving way out.

Russell Peters on Indians & Terrorists

Comedian Russell Peters shares his thoughts on Indians and terrorism:

Quick notes: Indian Marxists, Border fence...

  • Yechury blames govt for Amarnath killings: “Usually terror groups in the state claim attacks immediately, we expressed puzzlement at why that was not the case this time. There were no answers from the government,” Yechury said. "Since that all sections in the Valley, including the separatist Hurriyat, had condemned the Amarnath terror attack, the govt should utilize this positive atmosphere to break the ice and talk to all stakeholders to bring an end to the unrest there".

  • Yechury blames India for Doklam standoff: "On behalf of the CPM, I told the government that there is a need for them to get to the depth of the reasons for the provocation, the changes in the govt's policy with China, India's growing strategic ties with US, and the joint military naval exercise along with the US and Japan in the South China sea," Yechury said. He also said India's "new permissions" to the Dalai Lama and hoisting of the Tibetan flag in India were other issues that irked the Chinese.

  • CPM sides with China: "Doka La is Bhutan's standoff with China, India should not interfere"

  • Designed for ease of use? Who designed the fence on our Bangladesh border?

  • Infantry combat helmets: Finally, Indian Army gets bullet-proof helmets

  • Fly vegan: PETA asks airlines to serve only vegetarian meals to flyers

  • Your gut bacteria don’t like junk food:  An undergrad student went on a McDonald’s diet for ten days and after just four days experienced a significant drop in the number of beneficial microbes.

  • Don’t hate your gut: It may help you lose weight, fight depression and lower blood pressure

  • Collaborizm: Virtual networking and learning environment for techies. Offering budding Indian entrepreneurs, engineers, and even coding enthusiasts a platform to share their knowledge and build on their expertise.

  • Harvard’s Sendhil Mullainathan: More economists should use machine learning to do their jobs better

Friday, July 14, 2017

Robert Kaplan On Indian Ocean Region

Robert Kaplan talks about the Indian Ocean region:

Here he talks about events around the world to a US audience:

VISA Offers $10K to US Restaurants to Go Cashless

VISA is offering $10,000 to restaurants and other small eateries in the US towards technology upgrades if they go cashless and only accept electronic payment:

This is interesting in the context of Modi's & Jaitley's desire for India to go cashless in order to shut out the Black Money economy. After all, why do it merely through govt decrees, including things like demonetization, when instead it could be done through incentives? And the ones offering the incentives should be the companies that profit most from electronic transactions.