Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Modi, Wharton, Left-wing Censorship

UPenn's school paper put out an article on their decision to cancel Modi's invitation. As you can see, I posted my rebuttals in the comments section beneath the article:

But here again, another lefty Indian swoops in again to act as an apologist for their crooked actions:

I really wish that more of us would get involved in rebutting these one-sided hit-pieces, because the more we just shut up and do nothing, then the more we deserve to lose. It's really sad that Modi is out there fighting hard for all of us, and yet we don't have the decency to stand up for him.

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souixsie said...

It is actually quite encouraging to see so many comments rebutting the leftist propaganda machine. In the past the communists would have the floor with scarcely a coherent challenge. Now the roles are reversed and it is the Marxists who defensively whine about freedom-of-expression that they are the first to deny to others. They are clearly on the back foot these days.